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A motivating report about practical experiences in designing and implementing a (quality) management system.

An experienced quality manager and auditor shares a positive approach to assure a successful and efficient (TQM) management system within a company. He does so by means of an amusingly and interesting report on useful skills and procedures. An insightful and fun read, highly recommended!

Publishing house:  BoD - Books on Demand     
ISBN 978-3-7322-2667-2, Paperback
ISBN 978-3-8482-4175-0, e-book

The book is available in book stores around the world, online and in all e-book formats.

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Book review:
If you are looking for a concise and entertaining read relating to just how positive quality management can be for the fortunes of a company, then look no further. 
With the title of his work "Positive Quality Management for a Change" Gottfried Giritzer hints at the negative connotations that exist pertaining to quality management. Mr Giritzer is, however, by way of examples, experiences and lessons learned,  successfully able to shed this stigma and cast a much more favorable light on an often (unjustly) maligned production segment. He shows that aspects such as the investment of co-workers in their obligations and the mantra of "keeping it simple" can improve quality and foster a sense of responsibility.
A rather interesting facet within this book is the window that Mr Giritzer opens, which allows the reader to witness the behind the scenes hard work, precision, diplomacy and - last but not least -  good fortune necessary for the successful organization and advancement of a quality management system. 
An insightful and fun read, highly recommended!
Paul Heinrichs  IT Systems Administrator
December 2013

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